Here Are The Islands In Thassos

Alyki, fine, golden sandy beach with trees
Arsanas, beautiful beach accessible by boat
Astris, sandy beach
Atspas, small but nice beach
Hrysi Ammoudia, one of the most famous beaches on the island. 3.5 Km of fine white sand
Hrysi Akti, fine gold sand
Limenaria, extended and wide sandy beach
Pachis, beautiful fine white sand, at the northern part of the island
Pefkari, fine sand, trees
Potos, fine sand, one of the best on the island
Potos, wonderful sandy beach
Prinos, wide and extended with sand and trees
Psili Ammos, fine sand
Rosogremos, wide sand and shallow waters, close to Potos
Scala Potamias, fine sand in a dreamy setting
Thimonia, excellent sandy beach